Food, snacks and equipment

We serve hot and cold light meals in the kiosk and have a wide selection of snacks and ice cream.



Opening hours

The kiosk’s opening hours follow the Gjendebåten’s schedule. The kiosk opens 30 minutes before the first boat leaves and is open until 19.00. October 6. is the last day this season and the kiosk closes at 16.00.

Tickets to the Gjendeboat can be preorder at – or you could by residual tickets in the kiosk.

The kiosk opens at least 30 minutes before the first boat departure throughout the season. Here you can either sit either indoors or outside while you wait for the boat, or take a well-deserved rest after your mountain hike.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about tours, directions, accommodation or activities in the area.

The counter offers an abundance of tasty packed lunches and both hot and cold light meals. We can offer a good selection of hot and cold beverages, and we are fully-licensed. We also have ice cream – and Sjodalen’s best soft-serve ice cream!

If you've forgotten your hat or a band aid, we have a selection of emergency equipment, maps and the like that you may not have in your backpack. We also have fishing gear and sell live bait.

There are toilet facilities in the same building as the kiosk.